Turning off the mini oled / Power Consumption

Is there a way of turning off the mini OLED screen? I’ve had a look through the settings and looked through documentation and I can’t seem to see a way.

Also, does anyone know how much power this kit consumes while headless and idle? I understand a normal pi 4b would consume about 3W while idle but I imagine the pitop 4 will be a fair amount more due to all the extra features/components it has.


I cannot imagine that the OLED is the issue. LEDs are very energy efficient, their current draw is very low. The problem is ubiquitous with Raspberry Pis, especially the 4s: they heat up a lot. There is not too much you can do about this. You can minimise the processing stress but running header-less i.e, without a screen. ssh would be a good option for this.