Unable to automatically launch a program on startup


I have configured a Pi-Top 4 appliance to run the Pianobar/Patiobar application for streaming Pandora stations. The idea here is to have the system be powered up in the morning, and to have the above services automatically start on system boot.

To that end, I have been following the procedure provided at the following URL:


I have created the pbstart and pbstop scripts, and I have confirmed that both work at their respective jobs. The problem that I am encountering is when I modify the /etc/rc.local file. I have added the following line to the file,

sleep 15 && sudo -iu pi /home/pi/bin/pbstart

and have rebooted the appliance, but the software does not launch. I have confirmed this, by going to the appliance’s URL, and not being able to connect, and by running the ps -ef |grep piano command, and not seeing any reference to the pianobar software. The only way the software launches is through user interaction.

Has anyone encountered this, or a similar, issue, and know how to correct it?