Unable to install tcllib

Trying to install saods9, I came across a clash. ‘apt-get install saods9’ produces a dependency on tcllib. tcllib wants to install an executable at /usr/bin/pt. This executable already is a python script installed by python3-pitop. Therefore I cannot install tcllib. Anyone know of a work-around?

Hi - this is an interesting find. Looking up /usr/bin/pt in Debian packages, I can confirm that tcllib comes up. This is something we should have looked out for before releasing the SDK package!

In the meantime, I did this on my own machine and managed to install tcllib:

sudo rm /usr/bin/pt
sudo apt install -y tcl
apt download tcllib
sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite ./tcllib*
rm ./tcllib*

I can’t confirm what will happen with updates, but this should give you a path to using saods9 while we figure out internally if/how we want to manage this!

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