Update changing sound option from analog to AV jack


Just got my Pi-top4 today. All was going well until l I ran the updater. After the system files updated I have lost sound on the internal speaker. If I go to the sound icon in the bottom right of the screen the options are now HDMI and AV Jack, before it was Analog and HDMI. Not sure if that is the cause of the problem. I have re flashed the micro SD card and tested again with the same result, The internal speaker works until l I update the system.

Any ideas guys?

Kind regards

Hi Jason,
were you able to fix the issue? I appear to experience the same issue:
Initially I have sound playing through the built-in speakers, but after updating the pi-top 4 it does not work any longer.


Figured it out. For me it was a config issue. All I needed to do is set the default audio device to the audio jack, using sudo raspi-config.

@JScho @mpa
Hi to you both, I found the same problem, though sorry I missed your messages for so long. In one of their last updates, RasPi Foundation changed the way their audio drivers behave on the Raspberry Pi 4. Before they had HDMI Audio and the Analogue Audio considered as a single device but did some wizardry. Now the devices are split up, however if you run the latest updates and then trigger a reboot, you should find the audio works again!

Hope that helps!

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