Update seems to have caused issue with HATS

Has anyone else noticed that the latest update has resulted in the Raspberry Pi Sense Hat pixels not working.

It works as the pi-top boots up, but then the pixels stop after that.
The sensors all seem to operate normally.

I don’t know if it is related, but the Adafruit Crickit Hat is just not working at all now and it was flaky to begin with.

Any help/advice welcome!

After some testing, the Crickit Hat is behaving. Though there are still remote I/O error 121 issues.
It behaves only when you have the external power supply on when you turn the Pi-Top [4] on and off; before you needed it off as you did this.

Regarding the I/O errors on the Crickit HAT: try putting a sleep(5) into the script at the start after you import the module. This seems to give the smbus time to get itself sorted.

The Sense HAT issue seems to be caused by a problem with the latest update and it’s resolution is being worked on.