Upgrade from SIRIUS to Bullseye

Hi pi-toppers. … I have a few things to do to reconfigure my Pi-top [4] which acts as a controller for a home office (Unifi / HA etc) with a screen and keyboard booting from an SSD. Main Question is: should I / can I upgrade from SIRIUS to Bullseye? … Advantages / Disadvantages. Subordinate question … is there a more elegant way of doing the upgrade without flashing to SD and then moving to SSD?

Thanks for your thoughts

hey @nannerbm60 ! I recommend you to burn a new SD card with the latest bullseye OS; I don’t recommend upgrading from Sirius to bullseye (using the updater or the terminal) since a lot of things changed internally with that update.

thx @pi-topJorge … saw this, but delayed my reply. … Job “scheduled” for Christmas - along with all the others!!

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