User created Content

I have had a thought, and wondering what the possibility is for user created content on further?

i have had this thought as i am working on an ambitious project, @duwudi knows about, that will involve me working with quite a few sensors of different types and getting familiar with coding with them etc. before i even get to a prototype stage.

While my work will be on a different platform, i am also working a version for the pi-top[4] and i am sure it would be helpful to the community to have a resource to hand on examples and code on how to work with devices with the pi-top eco system which also helps build a community resource for support and a knowledge base.

If there is a template that we can follow to submit content, i would be happy to convert some of my research for my project into Further content and, can also work with my project and create a pi-top robotics kit version

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@CAProjects sounds great! We’d love to have user-generated content on there. Currently, we make a lot of the content in-house and teachers either use them directly or take a copy and edit to suit their own needs.

Might be worth having a chat about this next week if you’re available for a call - I can show you Further’s editing interface and we can discuss getting you set up to try it out :+1: send me a DM and we can set something up

@duwudi that would be cool, will do you when I get home from work as I unfortunately work on Sundays