VLC media player Fullscreen Problem

When I try to run the VLC Media Player in Full Screen mode I get just a black screen or in the best case single frames of the video displayed. Same problem with any mp4 video that I have in my collection. The video shows normal when not in fullscreen mode.

I have the Pi-Top Touchscreen Display connected via the green Display cable.

VLC Media player is latest version and the pi-top OS has all updates installed.

Martin Klein

Found a similar thread here about this issue.

Can you try:
sudo apt update
sudo dist-upgrade -y

Also, please try using a micro HDMI cable plugged into the micro HDMI port on the pi-top [4] and see if the behaviour changes

also there’s a thread here with some other suggestions. Seems there are many discussions of this problem across google :+1:

Try this in vlc

Tools->Preferences->Video->Output->OpenGL for Embedded Systems 2 video output

Many thanks ! That fixed it ! Great Support ! Wow !

Kind Regards

Martin Klein

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