Volume issue on one Pi-Top 4?

Hi, I noticed that my Pi-top 4 doesn’t make a sound when it turns on. I saw a youtube video where someones pi-top made a light saber sort of noise upon start up. Is my volume muted, and if so how can I unmute?

@walcott First of all, welcome to the pi-top forum. Friendly and helpful folks here, so enjoy your time and we love chatting about the pi-top[4]! :slight_smile:

If I recall, I think the initial sound on boot-up is only the on the very first boot after the pi-topOS is installed. After that initial boot up, you’ll get the animation on the OLED but not any boot sounds. I have two pi-top[4]s and if I flash a new install of the pi-topOS, there’s an audio sound when the pi-top logo displays on the OLED. But subsequent boot up after that doesn’t.

Someone else will chime in to correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s the behavior of my pi-top[4]s.

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That’s correct! :+1:

Welcome to the forum Walcott, this is the place to find the answers you may have about the Pi-Top. I have 2 Pi-Top[4]'s as well and when powering on I hear no sound, unlike the Pi-Top[3] which always seems to play an obnoxious sound when powering on. I don’t recall ever hearing a sound from the Pi-Top[4], as for knowing whether you sound is muted, look at the upper right side of the task bar on the desktop, if your speaker is muted you will not see a speaker icon lit, if you look closer you will see the speaker icon with a diagonal line through it. Click on the speaker icon to change the settings of the speaker.

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! and thank you for explaining the boot up noise. I also followed @Korbendallaz instructions about the audio and it seems like my audio is working just fine so everything is good. Thanks again!