Waiting on reply from Pi-Top support. For months... nothing

I’ve sent several e-mails from my company e-mail, we’ve arranged all for a pick-up of non-working Pi-Top display and still nothing.
No reply, nothing, and I’ve sent several e-mails.
No contact via phone… No replies…
Whom to contact to get into contact directly?
I’m awaiting a reply for my broken display, and nothing, as I need it badly…

Entering a message here is a good idea. I think at least one person monitors this message board. I have received technical help here. Since I just got email telling me about your post, I assume other people will, too.

Aaaand still nothing.
My Pi-Top display is packed, waiting for their reply to RMA it, and nothing.
Communication just stopped from them… Weird. And sad, as I wanted to relate my project on Pi-Top devices, but sadly because of their support I’m not sure anymore if it’s a good idea to go in that direction…

I wish I knew how to find out if the company is still alive. The way they act, it’s got to be a very tiny company, and startups tend to fail. I used to think that they were busy on their ‘big business’ of selling packages to schools, but at this point I wonder. I will go dig up Ryan’s full name and see if I can find him on some other platform.

Ostensibly they have sold me two green pi-top 3s, which have not been reported as shipped and which have not shown up.