What About a Custom Computer Module 4 Board I/O

Hi guys ,

what about to create our own computer module 4 board I/O that fit in our lovely pi-top [3]

some days ago rasp. foundation release the kicad files
info here:

and my question is…pitop as company can create a board based on those files? or can pitop as company partnering with raspberry foundation and create a new line of product laptop based in this computer module 4 board ?

http://datasheets.raspberrypi.org/cm4io/CM4IO-KiCAD.zip —> kicad schematics
(2nd release of the file and they remove the CM4IO.3dshapes folder )

(this ones was the first .zip release and contain CM4IO.3dshapes)

more info (issue trying to open the kicad files.):

Also take a look of Raspberry Pi 400 that is a new product but the concept of his PCB is what we need.

some pics of the cm4

Hi @AkiAfroo,
I’ve always loved the compute modules and we’ve experimented with them in the past. I’ve already preordered one with the dev board. Unfortunately for the rest of this year, we’re focused on completing the MMK and the sensor pods, so I can’t promise anything for the immediate future.

Just know that we’re all thinking the same as you :wink:

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