When did you get your DIY kit?

I’m in the states and still haven’t received my DIY kit that I ordered 10 Sept. It’s almost two months and I’m kind of worried since Luke Gao from support stopped responding to my emails.

Anyone else still waiting on the Pi-Top 4 DIY kit?

I live in Colorado, I just received a notification that my DIY kit will be delivered by UPS Today (10/30/20) by 9 PM. So nR2Cncdm they are on the way.

got mine today :smiley::smiley:

using it to browse this forum.

Unfortunately, our European customers got their’s several weeks ago whereas our North America warehouse was set back with weeks of delays. Our Hong Kong warehouse should be shipping all throughout this week.
By the end of next week, all orders will be fulfilled! If you think there’s an error with the order then please feel free to get in touch!