Where can I find a description of Python libraries

Where can I find a description of the libraries from which I can import functions, including a description of the functions?

Hey @johnbarr ! you can find the documentation of our SDK and sample code in http://docs.pi-top.com/

Python has some very nice features that you can use when you don’t have access to the documentation. You can run the interpreter interactively by typing just “python” or “python3” then you import a module:
import bigmodule
dir(bigmodule) # dir just gives you the list of methods, in case you need a reminder.

I recommend bpython (bpython3) because it is a clever python shell that even shows you the argument lists as you type in a function name. Bpython and bpython3 are installable via apt just like other programs. I edit everything in Emacs because… but I explore new libraries and unfamiliar functions using bpython.


Hi Eirikur, thanks for that. I’ve installed bpython3 and will use it for the Pitop examples to find my way around.


The documentation available doesn’t describe all of the input parameters, so the best thing to do is look at the actual code. This is available in two places:


All I need to do now is read and understand :slight_smile: