Where i can Buy a pi-top [3] Hub?

the pi-top [3] Hub is incredible Hot and the screens blinks.- my question is where i can buy a pi-top [3] Hub hardware?
thx in advance…
i found this,
[SOLVED] Getting Spare parts and i filled out this

Hi, Still waiting for a respond from support team.

2 weeks and counting… no anwers from this company. a trully shame.

No reply from support or pitop Team.

You can sometimes find hubs and bridge/heatsinks on eBay. Use a saved search. I recently got 2 bridges and 2 hubs this way. Be patient. It has worked for me.

They do not have hubs in the pi top store. They confirmed in a email to me. I had to also contact them via facebook, but it took a few months. I’ve been searching on ebay too for months, but it would be totally luck if one pops up there, but I think that is about the only chance you have.