Where is Google Suite?

Not sure if this is a software issue or a user issue. Downloaded PiTopOS to my Raspberry Pi 4 to give it a go after seeing on the website that it included the Google Suite out of the box. However, the aforementioned apps didn’t appear anywhere in the OS except for in the web browser and I actually had to create my own desktop shortcuts. Have I not set things up properly, or is there something I have to do?

Hi @ECarver, you’re right, it’s doesn’t seem to be on the desktop. It may be because it used to be on the pi-top Dashboard so when the dashboard was removed, it was also removed. I’ll check in with the OS Team and see if we can re-add it! I’ll get back to you

Ah. I see. Probably should have checked the changelogs first, huh?

Will Google Suite be able to work on Pi-Top 3 as well? It said it would in the instructions.

That’s correct, google suite will work on all of our devices!

Awesome! Will this be a separate application we have to install or will it be part of a prompted update after startup?

Google Suite is able to run in browser- not as a separate application. In the older pi-top OS there were links to things like Drive and Gmail from the dashboard, so we included references to them in our packaging and marketing material. Since we moved away from the Dashboard, those links to the websites aren’t baked into the OS. However, they should function just as well (or better) than on the old OS.

Cool! So I don’t need to have a google account for it to work, right? I have a school google account right now, but it closes in a month. Will the google suite still work even without being signed in?

Unfortunately, it won’t. If you need an office suite to use without a sign-in account, I recommend using the Libra Office suite that comes pre-installed on the pi-top OS.

That’s fine. I’ll see if there’s another account I can use after my school account closes. Thanks.