Where to buy accessories


I just bought a pi top 4 and works perfectly (diy edition)

I would like to know what power adapters are compatibles and where I can buy the display port specific cable.

Additionally, I have seen that you can turn pit top 4 into a programmable quadcopter drone. This require an additional equipment I would like to buy but I don’t find where to buy it.

Can you help ?

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Didier Gaultier

Hi @dgaultie, welcome to the forum - glad you liked the DIY Edition!

You can buy them from pi-top.com, if you don’t buy the official power supply you can get any USB-C PD power supply that is capable of outputting 15V, 30 watts - but the recommended is 36 watts if you plan on using accessories (that’s what the official one is rated to)

The drone was actually a personal project of mine - I haven’t got around to doing instructions on it yet but I’ll let you know if I do! :+1:

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Hi @dgaultie
The pi-top [4] needs a 15 Volt USB-C Power supply. You can usually find if your power supply is compatible, in the product description.

Unsurprisingly, MacBook chargers don’t work with pi-top[4], though you can always check from the body of the Power Supply as well.

Many thanks,

The drone project is really interesting.

If you have any documentation on how to do it, I am interested as I am currently looking to the Navio2 flight controller for RPi.

Take Care

Hi Ryan,

I am very much interested if you would like to share your Drone project information and directives, even if they are draft. I have built several RC Helicopters and one drone (650 size). But none of them was programmable. I find your project very exciting and if you would like to share it it would be very exciting.

Take Care