Where to buy accessories


I just bought a pi top 4 and works perfectly (diy edition)

I would like to know what power adapters are compatibles and where I can buy the display port specific cable.

Additionally, I have seen that you can turn pit top 4 into a programmable quadcopter drone. This require an additional equipment I would like to buy but I don’t find where to buy it.

Can you help ?

Best regards
Didier Gaultier

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Hi @dgaultie, welcome to the forum - glad you liked the DIY Edition!

You can buy them from pi-top.com, if you don’t buy the official power supply you can get any USB-C PD power supply that is capable of outputting 15V, 30 watts - but the recommended is 36 watts if you plan on using accessories (that’s what the official one is rated to)

The drone was actually a personal project of mine - I haven’t got around to doing instructions on it yet but I’ll let you know if I do! :+1:


Hi @dgaultie
The pi-top [4] needs a 15 Volt USB-C Power supply. You can usually find if your power supply is compatible, in the product description.


Unsurprisingly, MacBook chargers don’t work with pi-top[4], though you can always check from the body of the Power Supply as well.


Many thanks,

The drone project is really interesting.

If you have any documentation on how to do it, I am interested as I am currently looking to the Navio2 flight controller for RPi.

Take Care

Hi Ryan,

I am very much interested if you would like to share your Drone project information and directives, even if they are draft. I have built several RC Helicopters and one drone (650 size). But none of them was programmable. I find your project very exciting and if you would like to share it it would be very exciting.

Take Care

One of the major reasons I backed the Pi-Top[4] (way back when) was the quad copter(drone). Waiting patiently for instructions on this, but while waiting I have become ‘hooked’ on the Pi-Top[4]. I’m on it ever day for several hours each day. But, like I said waiting patiently.

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Hi @dgaultie and @Korbendallaz I really don’t have that much available but I can share what I did do for it.

I used this website for specifying the drive system which was super helpful as my original design had no chance of flying! Using this however, the first one I made flew first time :slight_smile:

Here is a very rough BOM list, bear in mind I was building this in Shenzhen so all these links are from a Chinese website (and may be out of date by now) but you should be able to find new parts or the same ones elsewhere.

Here is a step file of the assembly. However, this was designed for the 3B+ version of pi-top [4] in early 2019 so the new pi-top [4] won’t fit it - it can be modified using the data from plates we have on Thingiverse.

The purpose of the pogo pins was to connect the Raspberry Pi to the flight controller over UART to do high-level mission planning and guidance (using a camera for example) - I did have some software for this at the time but can no longer find it.

Good luck! :+1:

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Thank you for the information, from what you’ve sent I get the feeling that Pi-Top isn’t going to produce a drone for the pi-Top[4] anytime soon; if this is true then I am a bit disappointed.:sob::sob::sob:

After saying the above, I am still spending more time on my 2 Pi-Top’s learning all that I can. In my opinion Pi-Top has more marvelous, smart technicians and customer assist people than any other web site on the Internet. I have learned so much just reading the Forum, I have a note pad file of things I want to research and try on my systems. I also have 4 additional Raspberry Pi 4B’s that being used for various other things. Training in Python and Bash; have created Samba, Pi-Hole and DNS Servers . As far as learning the electronics that is reserved for my Pi-Top[4]'s.

Before COVID-19; I was spending (on average) of 12 - 16 hours a day (7 days a week) on my computer systems and a 48TB NAS. Now I’m spending about 18 hours a day.

Keep up the good work…:+1::+1:


@Korbendallaz sorry for the disappointment! I’d love to make a pi-top drone we sold but it would be very different from the one I designed last time - that one was just too big and dangerous :grinning:

Thanks for the kind words, we really enjoy talking to people like yourself on the forum too! We also learn tonnes by doing it so we’re hoping it will keep growing :+1:

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I’m thinking it would be nice to be able to purchase the Foundation plate separately.

Hi @Eirikur, thanks for the suggestion! Any particular use-case you have in mind? We only sell them with the Foundation Kit right now but we could look into this in future if there is demand :+1:

I think I might like to be able to leave a plate connected to a project and simply remove the Pi-top for another use, which might require a plate. It doesn’t make all that much sense, really, because setting up the software, or just replacing the SDcard is on the same order of effort as simply disconnecting all the cables from the plate. I have two Pi-tops and just the one plate.

@Eirikur I see your point on the software setup. We do have a function available in the Expansion Plate that allows you to give different plates a different hard-coded ID (of your choice). So you could have some supervisory software running that’s constantly detecting which plate your docked to, and when one of a certian ID is detected you could run one piece of software, and if the other ID is detected you run the other software. Does that sound useful?

Yes, I think that having an ID for the plate would be really useful. I have used device-discovery techniques for this kind of thing, but that’s rather advanced and it would complicate beginner programs.

Knowing that the plate is present would also allow simple error handling, where otherwise you might get confusing timeouts, etc. Libraries aren’t very well behaved in this area, so having a simple test up front would be great. Of course, just having the plate there doesn’t mean the sensor or motor is connector or working, but I think simple ideas like this could introduce the idea of checking the environment that your program is running in.

You can go to pi-top official website if you want any accessories and if want any repair work to be done on your pi-top then you can go to industrial electronics repair where they repair these gadgets. Thanks.