Wrong model arrived for replacement

Hi, I own a Grey Pi-Top[1] which I purchased April last year. It started showing a problem of not charging itself, I wanted to fix it, so I asked support for a help.
RezN from support said he can send a replacement battery since it’s still under warranty.

Now, at that time he said there was no battery stock which is Grey, so he said he is going to send a whole set of Grey Pi-Top[1] to me.

After sometime, I was surprised to see, it was GREEN Pi-top[1] set that arrived to me and not Grey.I asked RezN to replace it to Grey.

The problem is, he said there is a stock of Grey but I have to pay for shipping fee.

I’m really mad and can’t understand. Why do I have to pay for his mistake of sending wrong model color!?

I’ve packed the green pi-top [1] and is ready for returning and asked him to manage this. But until now I don’t hear from him, so I decided to write what happened to the forum.

Hi Hiroki,
I’m very sorry for the mix-up. We had sent the full pi-top kit for free as a token of goodwill instead of just the battery, though I am sorry it got muddled by us. Unfortunately, because we haven’t produced the pi-top in 6 years there are very few spare parts of it remaining.

For items under warranty sometimes we’re required to send the closest item we have available. If you would like to receive a grey pi-top [1] then like I said in the email, I can try and send you one from the US, though this would mean we would have to charge shipping this time.

To get the quickest response from me please send me back a response by email.
Hope you have a good day!

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In the e-mail you were saying the Grey pi-top stock is in UK, but now you are saying it’s in US?

Which I asked you, and YOU promised is to send is Grey pi-top to me for free.
Now Green pi-top has arrived. This is not what I asked you to send, and you are supposed to replace it to Grey without my charge if your company is honest enough.

No one want to put a different colored battery on our pi-top, nor spend a shipping fee for item under warranty.

The frustration could well be understandable and Rez has made a full public apology for the muddle at his end with a good explanation for the location of the relevant spare but it does seem a bit surprising that one would complain at having been sent an updated model free of charge, especially if you were still planning on using the RPi3B+ in it…

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I simply hate this light green on PT[1].
It’s repacked and ready for returning.


I’m not a pi-top employee, so I am not speaking for them. I am a pi-top customer like you and am simply commenting on your complaint from that perspective… so my comments are not representing a response from pi-top.

I believe that you are implying that Rez didn’t do his best to accommodate what they have available for a legacy product. Sounds to me they took very good care of you in this situation and it is simply a color choice that you don’t like, but it’s what they have to do to correct the issue. I have personally corresponded with Rez and he took care of the situation professionally and appropriately.

Think of it this way, you wanting a specific color that is not available is considered a special order. The company is top-notch, it’s just that you want something special. Special orders costs money. If they have to find the item you specifically want and it has to come out of the U.S., then charging you shipping is appropriate.

In this one situation, I am sad to hear you think you need to question the professionalism of this company when it sounds like they did the very best possible to support you with integrity and great correspondence. Your complaint is all based on the communication that the color may vary due to it being a legacy product.

Be well and I hope you find a way to be more understanding.


I should clarify that, like Tom-B, I am also not a pi-top employee, merely a customer, and have also been incredibly well served by Rez through e-mail/chat correspondence.