About the pi-topPROTO+

The PROTO+ is part of our Inventor’s Kit. It has a 6-Channel ADC that can read up to 5 Volts on each channel. The channels are connected to our MCU with decoupling capacitors to GND as well as 470 kOhm to GND as well.

The 40 pin connector on the top of the pi-topPROTO+ is synonymous with the Raspbery Pi 40pin connector and there’s 3V3 and GND available on all 4 corners of the Add-On. The breadboard isn’t electrically connected to any of the hardware, so you’ll need to jumper wires to connect up the columns

Happy Inventing!


I plan to use daughter boards designed for raspberry pi 3/B, like pumpkin pi or apple pi, on pi-top3.
In short, is it possible to use dual in-line ‘GPIO’ 40-pins on PROTO+ like that of raspberry pi 3/B ?
Is it possible to supply DC power to daughter board? (= electric straight connections? )
Does pi-top system use only I2C function(= pin3 and 5)?
and are the other GPIO pins free for the application daughter board?

The pumpkin pi (by Marutsu and CQ publishing:トランジスタ技術) daughter board functions on pi-top[3], raspberry pi 3/B and PROTO+ now!
I believe the pi-top HUB 2.0 is using I2C function(= pin3 and 5), so my pumpkin pi board do not have MCP3422 ADC chip, which uses these pins.
The pumpkin pi can record stereo Hi-Fi audio.

You can use this type of dual-inline 40pin “pin-header” which has long pins on both side, to connect the PROTO+ and a daughter board for raspberry pi.

  • The recording application only has a basic CUI, no level meter, no recording monitor.
  • On my environment, the device drivers for it can function only on raspbian OS, not on pi-top OS.
    Many more things to do !
    Thank you everyone !


Audacity works on my pi-top. It can record stereo music via pumpkin-pi ADC.
DSC03216 DSC03213