About the pi-topPROTO

The pi-topPROTO was our very first add-on we developed. Like most of our other Add-Ons, it connects into the 34pin Modular Rail and allows other Add-Ons to connect to it. There’s no electronics on it, it acts just like proto board, but components can be directly soldered to the GPIOs.

The 40pins on the top are synonymous with the Raspberry Pi and the pi-topPROTO+. Everything is labelled on this little doohickey. Though the pin numebrs are not the GPIO numbers, instead they’re the 1-40 pin numbers on the Raspberry Pi.

In the centre, the pin holes have letter and number co-ordinates. Be careful not to mistake these numbers for the Raspberry Pi pin numbers. Only the columns on the left and right are the Raspberry Pi pin numbers.