Bluetooth Keyboard

I received the FHD Touch Display and pi-top Bluetooth Keyboard. Pi-Top has a very good 4 page getting started downloadable documentation on the FHD Touch Display, but no documentation on the Bluetooth Keyboard. Only item available is to Download warranty pamphlet - I agree with the tech in your videos about warranty pamplets! The specs on the keyboard is provided else where but no real information on the bluetooth Keyboard. The small green LED icon on the lower right of the keyboard displays the outline of a battery. How do you tell if it’s charged. On my BT Keyboard, I’ve had it plugged in for over 24 hours and the LED icon looks the same. When it is plugged in the keyboard is non-responsive, unplug it, it works like a keyboard. A little bit more information on the operation of the BlueTooth Keyboard would be nice.


I had the same issue. It seems that pressing Alt + Shift + F1 puts into into pairing mode. A bluetooth light should appear to the right of the battery light blinking fast. Then going into Bluetooth devices I was able to add it.

I typed this message using the keyboard connected using bluetooth. :confetti_ball:

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Personally I do not like the keyboard, find it rather flimsy and lacking in quality. I am using my Logitech MX Keys instead