Can we get an Updated pi-topOS Image?

Can we get USB boot support for pi-topOS? would be nice to be able to boot from a USB SSD.

I know Raspberry Pi OS can USB boot on a pi-top[4] so would be nice to have the feature for pi-topOS

EDIT: so i looked into this a little, it seams like the fresh image you can download from the pi-top home page is an old image, pre usb bootable. Can we get one that is up to date please?

I made a fresh install on an SD card and looking at the raspi-config, there was no Boot options. After applying the updates the boot options are now available

Now here is the issue, a clean install on to a USB drive will not boot because of lack of updates that is needed.

At this time, in order to USB boot, you have to

  • Do a fresh install of Raspberry Pi OS (Skip if epromm has been updated)
  • Update Raspberry Pi OS (Skip if epromm has been updated)
  • Reboot
  • Create a fresh SD Install
  • Run though the basic setup
  • Update the system (will require multiple reboots and takes a while)
  • Run SD Card Copier
  • Plug in the USB Drive
  • Select the SD card for “Copy From Device”
  • Select the USB drive for the “Copy To Device”
  • Select “New Partition UUIDs”
  • Shut down once complete
  • Remove SD card
  • Boot with USB drive plugged in, SD Card Removed


as you can see I have a 1TB drive which is a 1TB WD SSD USB drive. All this took around 3-4 hours, would be nice to reduce this to a couple mins for an updated fresh image to put straight to the HDD using the Raspberry Pi Imager

results of using an SSD via USB3, especially with UASP compatibility like my drive is, and the Pi is overclocked to a stable 2GHz


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Nice work! Presumably this is for RPi4?

A USB-bootable version of Pi-TopOS from the Pi-Top homepage would be really helpful…

There is an updated verion of pitopOS available for download, i also wrote a guide on USB booting pi-top OS on pi-top[4] here [Guide] pi-top USB boot Install (RPi4)