FHD Touchscreen challenges

At the end of last week, the Pi-top4 Bluetooth keyboard and FHD touchscreen arrived, much to my surprise. I have two pi-top4 machines, one that is a DIY pi-top 4 with a pi-top 16GB micro SD card that I’ve updated with the updates to the Pi-top OS. The other is my original pi-top 4 that uses the SD card that I initially created with pi-top OS and have updated also to the most recent version of the OS. These were both updated using USB keyboard and mouse and HDMI out to my 55 inch Sony LCD TV as input and output.

Here’s the challenge: When I connect the bluetooth keyboard and the FHD Touchscreen to each pi-top 4 (one at a time), despite each having the exact same preference settings throughout, when connected to one pi-top the touchscreen responds to touch (but the keyboard won’t work); with the other pi-top 4, the touchscreen won’t respond but the keyboard works. I’ve gone digging in the forums and the knowledge base and can’t find any settings that I need to change to get this to work, so here are my questions:

  1. Is it possible to make both the touchscreen and the keyboard (bluetooth) work for both of them? (Bluetooth is enabled on both)
  2. If not possible, what is the setting that enables the touchscreen versus the bluetooth keyboard so I can go back and forth with a single pi-top4?

Thanks in advance for your help and guidance!