How to check if the display cable or the usb-c video out is broken?

Video by the usb-c out and the display cable does not work in in 9 of 10 cases.
I check the pi-top 4 with the micro-HDMI out and this one works fine. But can’t get any video output with the usb-c out/display cable.
So any idea how the check if the usb-c video-out interface is broken or the usb-c display cable?

Hi @kneudel.
Sorry to hear that the pi-top isn’t working quite right. Please make sure that you’re using the Display Cable with the HDMI Adapter when connecting to another screen. Here’s the full explanation of why you need the Adapters even if you have a USB-C compatible screen.

If you find that it’s still not working with the Display Cable and its Adapters, let me know and I can arrange a new Display Cable to be sent to you. Though if you still can’t get it to work with a new Display Cable, then we can sort out a repair/replacement of your pi-top [4].

I hope this clarifies things!


already tried this, and it also does not work. It would be nice to get a new cable to see if it’s the cause.

I’ve just sent you an email, have a read. Hopefully we can solve this issue!


Received the cable today. Fast shipping! Thank you.
Now the bad new. It’s not the cable. Test the new one with the Pi-Top Screen and a regular Screen with the HDMI Adapter. No image. :-(. It looks like it’s the USB-C Video Output of the pi-top4.

This sounds like the exact same issue I’m experiencing…