Ideas for OLED Menu innovation

The OLED Menu is really useful, especially the Battery% and the Settings is a great recent addition.

The challenge I’m having is that when running the PiTop[4] stand alone using only the mini OLED screen and buttons, you can’t tell how much battery is left. This inspired two thoughts that I’ll put as questions…

  1. Have you thought about adding commands to allow people to add extra menu items that call user written python programs or services?

  2. Alternatively could you allow the Battery% routine to be called from a python program and included in the PT-OLED calls?

The second may be easier for you to achieve, but the first would add great IoT and Robotic flexibility.

Hi @SteveK

Great ideas!

  1. I’ll add this to our internal roadmap as a suggestion as I think this would be awesome, we’re currently focussed on allowing people to run their python projects from the OLED menu but once that’s done I think this would be a great addition to look into

  2. You mean battery time remaining, right? We already have the percentage shown but I think time remaining is a good addition, I’ve already created a ticket for someone to look into the feasibility of doing that. I just want to ensure it doesn’t complicate the view too much, so we need to do some UX work on making it look and feel good. For example, maybe pressing the circle button when on that view toggles between percentage and time remaining, rather than showing them both and it looking too crowded - thoughts?

Thanks for the feedback, really great to have ideas from the community on what functionality is desired as it helps us prioritise our efforts! :+1: