Instructions for the Display Adapter

Touch Display & Keyboard are great! I’d like to connect up other Raspberry Pi’s and there’s a photo on the website of a Pi4 connected to the Display Adapter. But I’ve not yet worked out how to connect them. Would you be able to clarify.

Symbols or labels on the Display Adapter would also help people.

Why not also offer the cables to connect a Pi4 and the Display Adapter or a link to the products of a supplier? The short cables in the website picture look ideal.

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Hi @SteveK, thanks for the feedback! I’ll provide some instructions here but we’ll be sure to update our guides in future - adding labels on the ports would also be a good addition, I’ll try and get this updated for future production runs.

Port definitions:

  • Full-Sized HDMI - this is an input for the Raspberry Pi HDMI signal, connect it like you would for any monitor
  • USB-C Port - this is a power input port, it takes 5V @ 3A, so you can use a pi-top PSU or an official Raspberry Pi 4 PSU
  • Micro USB Port - this is an input for the touchscreen and keyboard, connect a standard micro USB cable from you RPI USB port to this port
  • USB-A Port - this is a 5V out port, connect a cable from this to your Raspberry Pi to power it

Hope that helps, I’ll create some clearer docs on this for other users :+1:

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This really needs to be added in the box because I had to contact support to find out the wiring for it