Menu Widgets Updates

If you haven’t already done so, check this out:

One thing that needs to be done is an update to the default widgets. If you would like to download and replace your widgets and install all available widgets as I have done, here is a drive folder with a clean setup, that will install clock, disk usage, memory, and uptime widgets.

For the most part, the widgets are the same. I may have added a different format for the uptime, but that just makes it easier to read the time so you don’t have to convert from seconds.

@duwudi, also, can we get the developers to update these on the next update? I’ve updated certain values to correspond with new versions :slight_smile:

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I am planning to do a complete remake of them myself, something a little different than what we have at the moment.

Just gotta wait till I finish with this week to get to work on it

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Honestly, I’m just about done. About to upload everything right now. Just have one more thing to sort out. If you wanted to build off of my updated versions of the original widgets, go for it! I’m going to make a git repository so people can branch and add to it as they please :slight_smile:

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Link is posted. I will update the readme when I have time. For now, just use the and then copy the from /components/widgets/common into your corrosponding folder and then from /components into the corrosponding folder as well.

Edit: we also need to update all of the widgets from the sys_info folder. Copy all of the widgets within and paste into the corresponding folder.

That will update the menu system with all built in widgets and update certain aspects of the menu. I tried to keep it as accurate to the originals as possible, with the exception of

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Might want to remove pycache from your repo. Using a .gitignore will help this (if pushing commit using git)

I’m also looking into the idea for widget settings but that may need a brand new framework which I am thinking about, mainly as an learning project for myself

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Realized I forgot a part. One about the actual widgets being updated haha. :man_facepalming:t2:

New Release:

Removed py_cache folders from all directories