Pi-Top 4 New DIY not working at all

I wired up the Pi-Top4 DIY and it doesn’t work. I had to carve out the area for the black ribbon wire as the knockout was still there. Is there a mask over the battery? Nothing works. No fan. No leds. I tried to use it and nothing. I removed the Pi4 from the Pi-Top case plugged it all in and everything was good again. Got any ideas?

Hi @Drpepper50,
Can you make sure that your charger is the correct rating? The pi-top [4] requires a minimum of 36 Watt power supply. Any lower and the pi-top won’t boot.

The main thing to note is that the power supply should be supplying either 12 or 15 Volts. MacBook chargers only supply 20 Volts or 5 Volts.

Additionally, could you tell me if you can see any lights on the pi-top when you plug in the USB-C charger? If the power supply is correct then you would be able to see either the orange light on the power switch or the OLED display the battery level.

I hope this helps if you’ve tried all of those things, then please let me know. There’s a forum post explaining what to look out for here.