PI-TOP screen flickers

Got the screen last week, but it flickers when connect to PI-TOP4. Does anyone else have this issue?

@TonyZ I’ve not seen this issue before, best get in touch with support@pi-top.com - if it can’t be solved they can arrange a quick replacement. In the meantime, it might be worth testing the pi-top Display Cable with the HDMI adapter attached with a different HDMI display to rule out that being the cause of the issue.

@duwudi Thanks.
Tried to connect the screen with other devices via the display adapter. The screen turns black.
I shot a videos when it connected with a computer. The screen flash few times but not able to pick the signals.

Working with support for a replacement now.

Hi @TonyZ, thanks for the update. I’ll make sure to get your unit back and carry out some root cause analysis - if I find out what the problem is I’ll be sure to let you know!

Thanks for being supportive! :+1: