Pi-top Sirus Alexa integration

Hi Pi-Top Team!

Is there away of using the pi-topPULSE with Amazon Drop In so it can be used as an intercom?


@RyanMac I’m not quite sure how the Pulse would be used in this scenario, could you explain a little more?

Hi RezN,

Thank you for getting back to me!

I think you answered my question is my other thread. I wasn’t aware that the PULSE didn’t work as a normal mic and actually recorded snippets of sound on the board and then sends it over to Pi. Because of this what I would like to use if for won’t work :frowning:

I’ll admit I’m a bit disappoint by the marketing as it’s advertised as a Smart Speaker and Mic with LED Matrix but doesn’t tell you about it’s limitations!

Also says there is fun projects and lessons plans but when I search Further for PULSE etc nothing is returned!


The lessons are on our program pi-topCODER which can be found on our OS. We’re still in the process of moving some of our older lessons from pi-topCoder over to Further.

If you install the libraries for the pi-topPulse then you’ll be able to find some example code snippets there too.

I cannot get the speaker to make a sound!

@daveawalker What product are you using the Pulse in and could youtell me which OS you’re running? Can you also let me know the OS Version number