Pi-top3 do not power off

Hello what ever using pi-top os or raspberry os when turning if I noticed the raspberry and the hub have still leds turned on. Screen is black but still running as well (visible at night). The only way to properly stop the computer is then to press and hold the power off button.
Does it means something is broken( hub) or a configuration is required?
Thank you.

Hello, can I get any help to identify if something is broken or if a script could fix it? Thank you.

Ran into this with an eBay item. Shipped without a flash card and I used a Raspbian from another Pi build. The problem is that the hardware of the Pi-Top3 isn’t supported by the mainstream Pi OS - you need the Pi-Top OS to get that support. Good news! That is available as a download from the pi-top.com web site. The download they have is for a Pi-Top4 but it works for the Pi-Top3 as well, at least for me and as advised on the site. Do a google search for “Pi-Top OS download” - the top result is the pi-top.com download page. Good luck!

Have look at the linked post!