Pi-Top4 does no boot

When I try to start my pi-top [4], after several months of inactivity, the system does not boot. The display shows “4” and after a while, this image appears. I have interpreted that the card is not recognized and I have flased a new SD memory with Pi-topOS sirius_C781_2020-12-22_04-11-42, but the same problem remains.

Any ideas?


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@fernandezjm that’s strange! The image on the OLED appears when pi-topOS is not communicating with the MCU inside the pi-top [4]. This could be a couple of different issues:

  1. SD card is corrupt so the OS is not booting up properly
  2. Communication problem between the Raspberry Pi’s I2C pins and the pi-top [4]

For number 2, you can try popping the lid off the pi-top [4] by uinscrewing the two screws on the bottom (see step 1 here). Once the lid is removed, push down on the silver connector to make sure it has a good connection (see step 10 here).

Have you tried connecting a display to the pi-top or VNCing into it? If the SD card is fine but the problem is related to number 2 then it should still function normally, then at least we know where the problem lies.

Hi @duwudi,
Problem solved, SD card were corrupt as you sugest in issue 1. New card and everything works fine.
Thank you so much.

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How did you fix the corrupt sd card my pi-top is showing the same error.

@spamiam79 I assume fernandezjm used a brand new card. If your SD Card is corrupt (test it on another device to find out) you could try to fix it. I’ve seen some solutions after searching for them but it might be easier to get a new one. How long ago did you purchase your pi-top and when/how did the problem occur if you don’t mind me asking?