PMA Connector Component

@wil @duwudi So I am looking into waking up the pitop via the pico and looking for some connectors so I can hack a testing solution together, basically going to ruin one just to solder a wire to the correct pin(s) and use via breadboard and maybe other things too :smiley:

Would this be the correct component?


If by ‘wake up’ you mean turning it on, then you should be able to use the Universal Interface PCB for this! I put pins for the power switch on there, which are a momentary-switch style connection - shorting them together is functionally the same as holding the power switch in the ‘on’ position (release once pi-top has turned on) :smile:


But also, yes! That looks like the correct part. These Amphenol connectors come in several different height options, so it’s up to you which one suits you best. The one you’ve shared a picture of will work great, looks like the tallest one they do I think!


I’ll get a footprint of it into EasyEDA, I didn’t have enough time to knock that out today, but I’m jumping on it first thing tomorrow :slight_smile:

@wil I’ll have to check the schematic again, didn’t notice that so it should help, and when I mean wake up I do mean turn it in :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just looked at the image of the UI PCB don’t know how I missed that hehehe that makes it easier. Not sure at this time how to do it from the pico but I am sure I will figure it out. Hardware is not my strongest skill :slight_smile:

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I just glanced over the pi-top’s schematic and it looks like you can achieve the same thing by pulling this circular pad/pin to 3.3V, conveniently the I/O voltage of the pico! So you should be able to just connect that directly to your Pico I/O pin (be sure to make sure they share a common ground too, easy to forget!)


If you pulse that pin to 3.3V for whatever duration you’d hold the power switch, and then release it or pull it to ground, that should do the trick! Disclaimer - I haven’t tested doing it this way so if it breaks thats on me :sweat_smile:


Thought it was 2.2v needed for the power switch pin? As per the PMA doc


Or would this be a mistake?

that’s probably the minimum threshold voltage, but it’s a 3.3V line - those PMA pages really need to be updated, we should get on that soon @wil

your safe, it works

nothing broke, no smoke, no fire, all is good