Solar PiTop for E-Paper Display Development


this is Giovanni from!

I have posted a concept mod for the Pi-Top [v3]: I was thinking more of a cyberdeck idea since the solar powered display would need a larger panel since it would use more power. Under the keyboard fits a 5" screen, although I plan to order a different one without HDMI since the one in the photo arrived doa.

The project is part of a low-power OS development: Eventually with optimizations, an e-paper display may be able to use a larger display and the solar panel could use less than half of the 14" screen. Hope you like the pics!




@initrd nice! This is super cool, it’s awesome to see pi-top’s being repurposed for something as ambitious as this :boom:


Thanks again for having me at the Pi-Top Session today! I’ve posted my slides for the Solar Pi-Top from my talk today here: Let me know if you have any other comments or suggestions!

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