VNC from iPad Pro via Pi-TOP USB Cable

I was able to VNC from my Mac to PI-TOP 4 (running Pi-TOP OS).
However, I failed to do the same from my iPad pro.
I am using the green USB cable from Pi-TOP.

It seems that my Ipad Pro doesn’t find an ethernet via USB.

Any idea here?
Some documentation on how the ethernet-USB OTG works on PI-TOP OS helps.

Thank you!

Hi @phabulosa,

What about VNC to the pi-top[4] via the network IP address wirelessly?

Get the IP address with hostname -I (if you don’t know the pi-top’s IP address) and set VNC to use that IP address instead of the one that is configured for a wired connection. I’ve had good success on my iPad to connect this way.

Apple is rather silly about doing exactly this, it’s not a pi-top issue, it’s an apple issue. The iPad is really locked down compared to a mac.

Apple sees a Mac as a computer and iPad as an accessory, just like iPhones so they lock it right down “to keep users safe” which is just stupid. Read up the drama with google stadia, cloud etc and you will understand how stupid apple really is

I figured this out.
It is not a problem of Apple.
The Pi-Top cable has to be pluggged into an USB-A female port. I cannot use the USB-C male connector on the pi-top cable to directly plug into the iPad Pro. Instead, I need plug a usb-c to USB-A adapter into my iPad Pro and then plug the cable to that USB-A port.

Then, everything works automatically.

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Hi @phabulosa The Display Cable isn’t a traditional USB-C cable, and you can read about it here. However, Tom-B is correct and you can connect wirelessly to your iPad. Though I’m glad to see that you got it working int he end

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I just tried one of these lightning to USB adapters on my iPad Air 2 connected to a pi-top[4] and it worked great to VNC through the cable.

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