Is there a way to pull the pi-top Further Python code?

I just got my pi-top[4] (plus electronics and robotics). I’m looking to continue to dig into it further. It’s great to see so many examples posted on Further. Some of the courses and challenges look great. I’ve got a newbie question though. As I step through the courses/challenges on Further, is there some way to pull all of the Python code that gets run from the UI (rather than trying to individually copy it from the UI)? Maybe from something like GitHub somewhere? It’d be a great start for starting to tinker on my own away from the exact examples presented in each lesson.

… or maybe the code is actually already there on a pi-topOS deployment somewhere (I haven’t looked too hard yet)?

Just getting started, I’m honestly still just starting to dig into he whole “magic” of how things play back and forth between Further on the web and my actual pi-tip device itself (although, it seems to be well done):

Further — “magic happens here” — pi-top


Any of the code on Further can be run in any other IDE. I ran some in Mu today, for example.
Right now, there isn’t a repository of the code from Further on the pi-top itself. All of the libraries are local to the device, though. If you write your own code in another IDE, you can run it just fine.

Another thing that you can do is actually click the </> icon in the bottom right of any challenge on Further. This will open up an empty coding window that you can use to write your own original code. This is great for testing things after you’ve learned something new inside of the challenge. You can run any python code you want from inside of that window in Further.

OK, fair enough. I was figuring that was the answer.

I’ve come across the other pi-top repos on GitHub. (Thanks for those!) Maybe someday, the Forum examples might make their way there as well. My thinking behind it is that they are good examples for how to use the SDK libraries (without having to step through the different Forum challenges and cut-and-paste from there). My use case here is more for writing my own custom code and probably just running it directly on the pi-top (not through Forum). My mode of operation right now is to run Forum from my laptop (not on the pi-top itself).

Thanks for the tips though. Yeah, the framework and interface has been pretty nice so far. Forum is definitely a great learning and training resource. You guys have obviously spent a good amount of time on it, and the quality shows. Very much appreciated!

Looking forward to playing around some more!